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Just your average rosy maple moth here, a lover to cactus and cats alike.

To put it simply,
This blog is kinda a place
for a pastel loner
to spill everything (except tea)

Why do I even get invited to these things anymore? It only ends up aggravating me further than I typically am. Actually, the question really is why do I show up? Although I love them all with all my heart, I don’t fancy being treated like a child when someone younger than me is practically being treated as an adult simply because she is more well liked. I’m torn in my own thoughts. I love my family, but at the same time I do not and dread every moment being chastised and spoken down to for things out of my control and are virtually no concern to them in the first place. My mother thinks they all hold something against me because I seem to be the only one of the children amounting to anything, however I think she’s a tad bias and judgmental. But I can’t help but think she’s right sometimes with the way they all treat me. On top of all this, I find myself once again wallowing in jealousy, for no apparent reason besides my own doltish mind.